GMI Policy, Legal & Institutional (PLI) Enabling Environment Roadmaps and Implementation of PLI Quick-win interventions in Selected SADC Member States and at SADC Regional Level

Project Background

It is imperative that an enabling environment is continuously created for the sustainable management of groundwater in the SADC region. As the Centre of Excellence in sustainable groundwater management in the SADC region, SADC-GMI is implementing the Policy, Legal and Institutional (PLI) project to create an enabling environment through the development of Roadmaps and implementation of PLI Quick-win interventions in selected SADC Member States, and at SADC regional level.

The project emanates from the PLI project which was implemented between May 2018 to October 2019 which culminated in the development of 2 Roadmaps in 2 of the 16 SADC Member States, thereby leaving 14 SADC Member States without roadmaps.

Following the 2018 – 2019 PLI project, SADC-GMI collaborated with the USAID funded Resilient Waters Program to promote the joint objectives of strengthening groundwater management on a national and regional level through developing strategic roadmaps to close the gaps identified in gap analysis report, under the project the “Development of roadmaps to address the Policy, Legal and Institutional framework for groundwater management at the SADC regional Level and in the Limpopo River Basin Riparian States”

The said project culminated in the delivery of the following PLI products:

  1. Four PLI Roadmaps for the four Limpopo River Basin Riparian Member States of Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.
  2. One PLI Roadmap at SADC Regional Level
  3. Three Concept Notes for implementation of Quick-win projects to close the priority actions identified in the PLI Roadmaps in Mozambique and Zimbabwe
  4. Updated Regional Guidance Manual for the Development of Groundwater (PLI)

Objective of the project

Under Phase 2 of the Sustainable Groundwater Management is SADC Member States project funded by the World Bank, SADC-GMI is implementing the 2nd phase of the Policy, Legal and Institutional project. The aim of the current PLI project phase is to develop roadmaps in 5 of the remaining SADC Member States as well as implement Quick-win interventions in selected Member States at national and regional level.

Key outputs of the project are as follows:

  • One PLI Quick-win intervention identified and implemented from the SADC regional level PLI Roadmap.
  • PLI Roadmaps developed in 5 additional SADC Member States (including at least 1 Island State).
  • Five Concept Notes for implementing 1 PLI Quick-win intervention in each one of the 5 additional Member.
  • One PLI Quick-win intervention identified, and Concept Note for implementing the intervention in each one of the Member States already having PLI roadmaps (i.e. Botswana, Eswatini, Namibia, South Africa, and Tanzania)

Contact details:

For more information regarding the project, contact the project manager: Eng. James Sauramba on the following details:
Mobile: 27 71 773 6430
Office: +27 12 051 0421